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Our proprietary software eliminates the learning curve by using powerful AI technology designed to minimize your risk and generate profitable trades. No need to spend countless hours conducting research and trying to spot market trends. Let our powerful automated trading app build wealth for you!


Are you waiting for the right opportunity to enter the markets? Immediate Profit is designed for new traders looking for a simple trading software which executes profitable trades on auto-pilot. 

  • The powerful wealth-building capability of online trading should be open to traders of all experience levels. Immediate Profit strives to bring access to the market to as many people as possible. You might not fully understand every aspect of the market, but our automated trading technology means you won't have to.
  • Entrance barriers to the financial markets stop small traders from reaping the same benefits as the professionals. We believe that this shouldn't be the case. You shouldn't need a team of advisors on your payroll to make good trades. Let modern technology make those trades for you.
  • To fulfill our goal of bringing the markets to the masses, we have developed complex algorithms for automated trading. Our system is user-friendly and easy to understand because you don't need to fully grasp the underlying principles in order to benefit and grow your wealth.
  • Starting your trading journey with Immediate Profit could be the best investment decision you ever make. If we've piqued your interest, please read on and discover more about our revolutionary automated trading system. Learn the benefits of trading on autopilot and how our system takes advantage of the rapid computing power of our algorithms to master the market.

Machine Learning

Traders often struggle to understand how online trading actually works. We won’t bore you with how our trading formulas are designed. Instead, we’d rather just put our technology to work so you can profit on auto-pilot!

Most trading these days is done by machines, and this trend is only gaining momentum. Our software takes the guess-work out of trading by providing you with accurate real-time trading signals. How accurate? Around 87% on average of our trades end up in the money!

Immediate Profit buys and sells CFD’s or Contracts for differences which are derivatives. This means that they derive their value from another asset. Essentially any asset can be the base for a CFD. Some of the most popular financial instruments for CFDs are stocks, commodities, indices, and forex.

Algo trading and fast decision-making has always been the key to making the right CFD trades. This is where Immediate Profit excels and performs in a seamless as well as fully transparent manner. Advanced scripting in Python, R, KDB/Q, C++, and Java are implemented and documented in stored procedures.

Immediate Profit employs the latest techniques in artificial intelligence, data science, and deep learning tools in order to provide a robust technological infrastructure as well as super-fast trade execution.

The Rise of Digital Trading

Trading long predates any form of extended communication, let alone computers and the internet. Recent developments in online communication and computing power have drastically changed the way trading works.

The earliest trading markets had no technology at all. Buy and sell orders were communicated by literally shouting them in the market. Of course, a trader could only trade so much volume relying on this system. One of the most significant effects of technology on the markets has been increasing trade frequency, putting through more trades in a shorter time.

Even without true algorithmic automated trading, technology has enabled traders to trade faster. Traders can put in orders from anywhere in the world, going from their device to the broker in less than a second. The rise of day trading has only been possible due to the advanced and rapid communications that form the foundation of the modern trading world.

People used to get their stock quotes from the newspaper. Today, traders of all assets can receive real-time performance information from a variety of sources. This lets traders react swiftly to market fluctuations. Beyond simply showing the price of an asset, many platforms have technical indicators providing further information.

Digitalization has led to the development of numerous automated trading tools. There are many different tools for different complexities – some are as simple as the stop-loss orders that trigger a sale at a certain price.

However, some trading tools are more complex. Many platforms incorporate social trading functions, allowing traders to mimic the trades of the more successful users of the platform. This still leaves traders open to the risk of human error, only providing the illusion of guaranteed profits.

The crowning achievement of trade digitization is fully automated trading. Algorithms determine the pattern of minute fluctuations within the market to exploit every shift in value. This leads to profits building up much faster than any trader could manage manually. Automated trading reduces risks and increases profits without requiring professional trading experience.

Don't Let Market Volatility Keep You Away From Profits!

Markets rise and fall. It’s what they do. Sometimes they crash, leading to big losses for a lot of traders. The recent crash due to COVID-19 is one example. While it’s true that a major crash can take a lot of value off of your positions, the automated trading methods at Immediate Profit can mitigate that risk.

We understand that market uncertainty could be holding you back from investing. However, it’s also holding you back from the major profits you could obtain through our automated trading.

Immediate Profit’s automated trading system implements numerous safeguards to prevent clients from incurring losses. The custom software incorporates advanced algorithms that evaluate the small fluctuations in an asset’s value. The algorithms can expertly determine when an asset is beginning to take a downturn in value and take the appropriate actions.

The stop-loss algorithm incorporated into the software is much more adept at preventing loss than the simple stop-loss calls found on other platforms.

Rather than simply ordering a sale when a certain value is reached, which is rarely reliable, the algorithm evaluates the situation and takes a reverse position when appropriate.

What’s the point of that, you ask? Well, every single market in the world took a massive hit during March when the pandemic went global. Many of these markets are still reeling from the effects, and many of the world’s economies have gone into recession.

The reverse position taken by the algorithm levels out sharp drops in value. Because you hold positions for both a rise and fall in the asset’s value, any fluctuation produces essentially zero change in your holdings. This would be a poor long-term strategy, but the algorithm expertly implements it at just the right time.

The advanced flagging algorithms built into the software ensure that the execution of stop-loss measures occurs only when appropriate.

This advanced algorithmic solution ensures that your profits come at an absolute minimum risk. You can rest assured that trading with Immediate Profit is the safest way to grow your wealth.

Trading with Immediate Profit

Volatility in the markets discourages many traders from investing, but those are the perfect conditions to get started with Immediate Profit. When the conditions are unfavorable for manual trading, our automated trading algorithms stand to make huge profits.

Our system is reliable and effective, and we always partner with the best CFD brokers. So when you register a licensed broker is automatically assigned to you based on their performance the same day. We have developed complex algorithms that cut through market fluctuations to understand the patterns underneath. The software incorporates algorithms that pickup mathematically complex and minute patterns that manual traders could never spot. Spotting these patterns allows the software to make the right trades more often than manual traders. Because of this, you can enjoy your profits with minimal risk of incurring losses.

Manual traders are filled with unconscious biases and preferences that lead to them making bad trades. You’re not exempt from this either. Trusting your trading to our dedicated trading algorithms eliminates this problem. When a manual trader looks at a chart, they impose countless patterns that aren’t really there. The tendency to imagine breakouts and crashes leads to making the wrong trades. The mathematical precision of our algorithms leads to making the right trades.


Common FAQs

Our team of experienced developers at Immediate Profit are experts in the field of automated trading. We understand that traders have questions about our system and how it works. We’ve answered questions for so many of our clients, and we’ve found that some of the questions come up more often than others. Therefore, we’ve got the answers to your questions here, before you even ask them.

You can look through some of the most frequently asked questions here. Hopefully, that will give you all the information you need about our automated trading system. If not, you can contact us to find out more.


We have automated trading for CFDs on many different assets, including stocks, commodities, indices, and more. Essentially any financial instrument you can imagine is available through CFDs.


The minimum deposit amount is $/€/£250 to get started, but our members usually start with $/€/£500 to build a balance faster. Our system generates profits quickly so even a comparatively small investment will grow rapidly.


No, Immediate Profit makes money when you make money. We don’t waste your time charging you additional fees on our investment services.